Good Morning America

Over five years ago I started my blogs and this was my very first post. The funny thing about this first post (Good Morning America), that I’m going to re-post, is from the time that I started it to the time that I finished it I never stopped writing. That ¬†was not the case with all the other post (over 600) that I wrote. This article was never intended to be a post, but after a friend encouraged me to post it on line I started blogging and have been doing it for over five years.

It is Saturday morning, October 11, 2008: I’m sitting here at my desk drinking coffee and I feel the Spirit of The Lord so strong as I meditate this morning on how good He has been to me and to this country that I love so much. As I sit here I want to share my thoughts with you, because I believe that is what the Lord would have me to do with you who are my friends, my brothers and sisters in the Lord. If I offend you by what I’m saying or if I have a couple of miss spelled words then please forgive me. Some of you will most likely laugh at this letter and then there are some of you that will pass it on. It is my earnest desire that you would pass this letter on. I’m 62 years old and I guess that my eyesight might be growing dim, but my spiritual eye sight doesn’t dim and as I look I have never seen this country in the shape that it is in right now. We have been through some pretty bad times but none like this since I have been born. Our country is on the edge of spiritual destruction and material destruction. If people do not stand up now for what is right, and stand up now, then let them forevermore hold their peace. How has this country got in the shape that it is in? It did not happen overnight. Just think back how God uses to bless this country and compare with how it is today and a person with spiritual eyes can see it in a minute. Those of you who cannot see the destruction that is coming I pray that God would open your eyes to the coming danger.

When I went to school we had Bible reading, prayer, and pledge allegiance to the flag every morning and there were two words that I will always remember in that pledge, “UNDER GOD”. Every student took their turn at reading the Good Book and they wanted to read it. I remember that on every teacher’s desk was a Bible. That Bible was not in a desk drawer but out in the open on top of the desk for all to see. The biggest thing that happene in school was getting caught chewing gum in class. The principal had a paddle and would use it real quick and so would the teachers. The students knew this. There was no violence in school, no drugs, and no need of a police officer roaming the halls to maintain order. Just one word from a teacher is all it took. The teachers were treated with respect and they were answered by a yes sir or no sir or a yes mam or no mam. Now there is violence in nearly every hallway, police in the halls of most schools, and then there are the students being disrespectful to the teachers. This is what happens when you take authority away from the teachers, take God out of schools, and replace them with birth control pills, condoms, and sex education classes for third graders. How kids that want to learn in today’s schools ever learn anything I do not know. Why is this happening? Here is my answer to that.

When I was growing up there was a thing called a family. There was a father who was head of the house and he was the bread winner. He did not depend on food stamps or a government check to provide for his family. He depended on God’s Divine Care. He taught his children how to work hard and to be responsible for their actions. There was a mother who puts motherly love in the home and made it a home. There were family meals that you had better be too and before you ate the grace was said and you thanked God for what you had to eat, because we knew that all our blessings come from Him. You were a family and around the table while having that meal you worked out any or all family problems. Now in most homes there is hardly a meal let alone a family meal. The kids are eating at McDonalds or some other place. You knew that if you did wrong that there was going to be some type of correction. I had a father who would discipline me and I would see the light. He spared not the rod of correction and to this day I’m thankful of that. He did not send me to a councilor, or to a psychiatrist, or group meetings. He did not send me to a doctor for pills for my problems, to slow me down and pick me up. He straightened me and my problems out real quick. He saved a lot of money and time in the process. That rod of correction was always given in love and it made a difference in my life.

We were taught as a family to give thanks to the Lord for everything. When we went to bed for the night we said our prayers to the Lord for we were taught that was the right thing to do. We thanked Him for our daily blessings. We went to church as a family and sat together as a family in church. Our parents did not just send us to church, but they went with us. Now most parents do not even send their kids to church let alone go themselves. I’m a firm believer that it is the family unit that makes this country of ours what it is and that family unit in most cases is not doing too good right now. Some children today in this country do not even know what family is let alone who Jesus is. What was that saying that went around a few years ago,” The family that prays together stays together.” How true that is. Listen friends it does not take a village to raise a child, as some politicians suggest. It takes a Godly mother and father. THAT’S ALL!

We no longer, for a lot of the people in this country, have Christmas. It is now called the holidays. We do not want to offend people of other religions. But what about offending Jesus who came into this world and was born on this day with one purpose in mine. To go to Calvary’s Cross and die for our sins. No more nativity scenes are allowed. No more Christmas Carols in school that mention Jesus. No more Ten Commandments in Government Buildings. What would our forefathers say. When George Washington was sworn in as president he kissed the Bible and said that this country would be governed by this Book. What Happen to that? Daniel Webster said, “The Bible is the Book of faith, and a Book of doctrine, and a Book of Morals, and a book of religion, of special revelation from God: but It is also a Book which teaches man his responsibility, his dignity, and equality.” We need men like our fore-fathers to govern our country today. If we want to see our country like it use to be or even better than it used to be Jesus Christ has to be a part of it. The part that is at the top, for He said, “I AM the way”. Our founding fathers knew that!

We call ourselves a Christian Nation and we say we believe in God. But how many people in this country really believe in God? I sorry to say not many compared to the population. It takes more than just believing. Satan believes in God and trembles. The big difference is that true believers will trust and obey for they know there is no other way. Today as never before Satan is using people in all walks of life from the lowest to the highest to disrupt the Christian beliefs that this country was founded on and to bring this country down to the very gates of hell. You may laugh but in your heart of hearts you know what I’m saying is the truth. You may say, “How so is this happening.” Well let us just look at a couple of the things that deeply trouble me and if you are a Bible believing Christian, my friend, they should trouble you also..

When you allow and permit homosexuals to march down the streets in this country kissing, holding hands and getting married in our church and courthouses there is something wrong. There is something wrong when homosexual preachers are allowed to stand behind the sacred desk and try to preach God’s Pure and Holy Word. I will tell you very quickly it is Blasphemy. There is my friend no other word for it. Please let me make it clear, God loves the homosexual, but he hates that terrible sin and as God’s Children so should we. God says in His word that homosexuality is an abomination. In other words it is repugnant and a disgrace, but this nation (America) says that it is okay and they are teaching our kids in our schools that It is okay for Adam to marry Steve. They say it is just a different lifestyle. Are these people sick or deceived? Twenty years ago the homosexual hid his sexual preferences and his disgusting lifestyle in the closet for no one to see, because it was shameful. Any nation in my view that justifies the homosexual lifestyle as an excepted life style is in its final stages of moral corruption. Remember this, Sodom was the end result of a reprobate mind. Must we offer that same prayer to The Lord for our country that Abraham did for Sodom. Oh Lord God for 50 righteous people {just one righteous person out of every state dear Lord} will you spare this nation. It is not too late for God to spare and heal this land if we would only do as that great city of Nineveh did many years ago. REPENT!

Another thing that saddens my soul is the murder of millions of unborn babies {our leaders call it abortion}. It is sad when you live in a country that has one law that says it is okay and makes it legal to abort (murder) unborn babies and yet that same country has another law that makes it illegal to kill a whale or some other endangered animal. To me they are putting more importance on the whale or animal than a unborn human being. This is what I call a reprobate mind. A person with the mind of Christ would not think the way these people do. These people will have to answer to Jesus for this great sin on judgment day and trust me my friend that is not too far off.

We are now, I believe, in the most important presidential race ever. I say this because of the things that I see happening in this country of ours. I hope that most Americans will wake up and see the same things as I do, before it is too late. Our freedom is at stake. We have a man running for president that is being called the Messiah by many. This is pure blasphemy. He says a lot but in essence says nothing. He shouts change. Change What? The only change that this country needs is to repent as a nation and come back to the Lord. He calls himself a Christian but says that some of the Bible is out of date. That’s funny because The Lord said “HIS WORD CHANGES NOT” and David in the Book of Psalms said, “FOREVER OH LORD THY WORD IS SETTLED IN HEAVEN!” How much clearer can that be. He also believes that homosexuals are not wrong in their ways and the killing of unborn babies is okay. Even ones that are just born. The word for it is infanticide. The meaning of that word is the killing of a new born baby with the parents’ permission. How sad that our country is coming to that.

He said he would talk to Muslim terrorist without any preconditions. Talk about what? That great revelation of his to talk to terrorist is so absurd. How do you talk to people who tie bombs around their body and then blow themselves up and innocent people with them? You do not talk to people that want to kill you, to cut your heads off, to put you back in the dark ages, and destroy our very freedom. How soon we forget 9/11 and the thousands of people that were murdered and maimed for life on that day. The Muslims want a Muslim world and they will not negotiate that. They want to kill anybody that will not accept the Muslim religion, which is evil to say the least, and is one of hate! That is a fact. Something is wrong with Americans when they will vote for a man that says a lot but says nothing of importance. Something is wrong when you will vote for a man that has sat under a preacher for 20 years and heard things in his sermons such as: “Not God bless America, no no, but God D**n America.” He says that this preacher is his spiritual advisor. I wonder how he would advise him if he were elected to the White House. Something is wrong when someone will vote for a man that is friends with domestic and foreign terrorist. These are people that would kill you or your family or friends to reach their objective, which is the downfall of our country! Something is wrong when any American will not put his hand over his heart for the pledge of allegiance and not salute the flag. Something is wrong when a person will vote for a man that is friends with one of the biggest crooks in Chicago. Something is wrong when a man’s wife says: “America is a mean country” I can tell you what it is, the people of this country are being deceived.

As I was listening to a news program last night, I watched in horror and with great disgust, as this man made the statement with pride and arrogance: ‘”We are no longer a Christian Nation; we are now a nation of Christians, Jews, Muslims, and Buddhists.” As with so many other disgusting statements I’ve heard him (and his wife) make, I never thought I’d see the day that I’d hear something like that from a presidential candidate in this nation. This doesn’t only hurt me, it also offended me and I sure that it did the same to any other Christian that heard this and other statements that he and his wife have made. To think our forefathers fought and died for the right so our nation could be a Christian nation–and to have this man say with pride and arrogance that we are no longer that. How far this nation has come from what our founding fathers intended it to be, ONE NATION UNDER GOD! I hope that each of you will do what I’m doing now–send your concerns, written simply and sincerely, to the Christians on your mailing list. With God’s help, and remember this, He is still in control of this nation and the election. We can show this man and the world in November that we are, indeed, still a Christian Nation and we are standing on that solid Rock, “CHRIST JESUS ”

I personally believe that God will deal with any person who claims to be a Christian and votes for a man of this caliber because of the color of his skin or his political party affiliation, knowing in their heart what he believes and says in does not line up with the Word of God. We as Christians must line up with what we know in our hearts to be right. I say this in love, because God forbid I do not want to offend any Brother or Sister in the Lord, but I have to speak my heart. If we line up with this man then we are not lining up with God. I believe that this man has a hidden agenda that will really do this nation and the nation of Israel a lot of harm if he is elected.

Why are the newspapers building him up so much and why do they want him to be president? Why will they not report the truth to the American people? I believe that Brother Jimmy Swaggart answered that question in a recent book of his when he wrote about this very thing concerning the news media. Bro. Swaggart said, “Satan cannot cast out Satan.” Think about what the brother is saying here. If you are spiritual you know what he is saying. That was some pretty powerful words coming straight from the Bible, but how true they are. That is hitting the nail right on the head! A lot could be said about the people reporting our news, but that is another story.

This country was founded on Christianity. What is that? We believe that Jesus died on the cross and spilled His Blood for the sins of this world and it is thru Him and only Him that we are saved and have eternal life. We believe in His teachings and His Holy Word which has all the answers to the problems of this world and for you and for me. It is not crooked politicians or a psychiatrist or how much money we have in the bank, it is Jesus Christ and what he did at Calvary that is the answer and will always be the answer to all our problems. Listen, my friend as I close this letter let me say this: “There is nothing any more powerful than the Holy Ghost anointed Believers praying.” God shed His Grace on this country and we must touch the throne of Grace if this nation is to survive that which is coming against it. We need to pray most earnestly for this country that we love so much until The Rapture of the true church or the Lord takes us home. Pray before it is too late! We need a Holy Ghost Revival to sweep this land. Dear God spare my country and heal this land!