The Pure Raw Word

I have set in church many years and heard my father preach his sermons that he so painstakingly prepares. As I think back there was a sentence that he used in one of his sermons that keeps coming to my mind lately. He said that “it takes the pure raw word of God to save the sinner, You cannot sugar coat the word of God!” As I sit and think about that statement I thought how very true that statement was.

America has gone from being a Christian nation to a nation without God. Sometimes as I read from the prophets in The Old Testament it is almost like it is talking about today’s world. The same woes and warnings that were put out to the nation of Israel back then could also be put out in America today. Israel started out as a nation that served God and then there came a generation that did not know God. Is not that the same way it is in America today?

America is for the most part on a downward spiral and is spinning out of control fast. America has gone from being a Christian nation, with Christian leaders, that believed in and lived by God’s law to a godless nation. Because of this some Americans wonder what is happening to this great nation.

America is on a slippery slope. Years ago mothers and fathers accompanied their children to church, then they just sent their children to church, and now they do not even send them to church. Sunday use to be a holy day, but now it is just like any other day for most Americans. The family unit (the building blocks of America) is just about gone. Most homes anymore have just one parent and anybody knows that a child needs (and the Bible speaks of) a mother and a father. What ever happen to the “Family that prays together stays together. I thank God for my mother and father, and also my two Grandmothers who never slacked in their duty to show me the right way.

America was a country that for the most part governed by God’s laws. Abortion was against the law and never hardly ever heard of. Now babies can be aborted (murdered) in the mother’s womb and it is legal. Young girls as young as 12 years old can now get the morning after pill without the parents’ consent. Condoms are passed out by the government freely in the schools. The word of God plainly teaches against all forms of fornication but the government by their doings and laws are condoning it for its citizens even as young as 12 years old.

This country once looked on with disgrace the act of sodomy. If you were a homosexual or lesbian you hide it in the closet and keep it from everybody. God called it sin and so did most Americans and now the government promotes it by giving them special rights, and allowing them to even get married. Nature itself even tells a person that it is wrong. But yet we have an American president (Obama) who recently called a well known sports player and congratulated him for making it known that he is a homosexual. What is wrong with this picture?

Not only has Obama said that parts of the Bible are not for today, but has on numerous occasions mad fun of certain scriptures while he is always quoting words from the Koran. He needs to know that God said that He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. It is a shame that we have a leader that comes so close to blasphemy.

But lets not stop there. We also have a problem with churches and their pastors also condoning these things. We have preachers who will marry homosexuals and churches that will add their names to the book as saved souls. This should not be. We have preachers teaching that it is not the blood that Jesus shed on the cross that saves the sinner. I can assure these preachers that it is nothing but the blood of Jesus that can wash away your sins. Where are the true churches of the Living God? Why is it that only a few preachers will stand up to the government and call sin what it is “SIN”. The majority of preachers will not even preach sin in the church anymore. They preach smooth words to itching ears so they can have their mega churches and their mega dollar income.

A preacher must preach a well rounded Gospel, not only just love. If the American people do not listen to some fire and brimstone once in a while as preachers give us the word of God then I’m afraid it will be fire and brimstone for the American people.