I Was Young And Now I’m Old But The Anchor Holds

I have journeyed through the long, dark night out on the open sea By faith alone Sight unknown And yet His eyes were watching me The anchor holds Though the ship is battered The anchor holds Though the sails are torn I have fallen on my knees As I faced the raging seas The anchor holds In spite of the storm I’ve had visions I’ve had dreams I’ve even held them in my hand But I never knew They would slip right through Like they were only grains of sand I have been young But I am older now And there has been beauty That these eyes have seen But it was in the night Through the storms of my life Oh, that’s where God proved His love to me

I was sitting here thinking about my life in the past feeling sad, blue, and down in the dumps when I heard Jimmy Swaggart sing “The Anchor Holds” and what a blessing it was for me to hear that song. It gave me much comfort and what joy filled my soul because the anchor still holds.

I was born in the year 1946. The old ship that I have been sailing on, upon the seas of life, is by the grace of God still sailing. The Lord has never faltered or failed me. I give God all the Glory for that. During my lifetime I have gone through many trials, heartaches, dangers, toils, and snares. During my journey, I have realized that I was not alone. And all I can do is just sail on until my journey comes to its end. When that journey is over I will see Jesus and I will step onto that Heavenly shore to receive my eternal reward. Until that happens the Anchor still holds! I never knew where that old ship would take me and I still don’t know where the old ship will take me, but I know where that ship will end up in the end because the anchor still holds!

All through my life, I have been tossed around on the sea of life. I have always had hardships and at times not a very pleasant life. One minute the seas of my life would be as smooth as a glass and the very next minute, the waves of this life would roll, the winds of adversity, hardships, and difficulty would blow, and it always seemed that I would lose control. Some people may say that they are the master of their own destiny but just like me, they are not. Jesus is the Master of the sea. We do not have control over the storms that come our way in this life. During my lifetime I have come to realize that completely, but I have also come to realize that the Anchor still holds.

I have been sick many times in my life, I have had three heart attacks, I have three stents in my heart, I have been in car accidents, I have lost two loving grandmothers, a mother, and I have faced the fact that my 91-year-old father has passed on to his reward, but the anchor still holds. I have been through many heartaches and disappointments in my life, but the anchor still holds. I have been through marriages that were in God’s eyes to last till death do us part but ended in hurtful disappointment. for the most of my life I have always wanted a home, but only had a house, but the Anchor still holds.

It took me years to finally realize that no matter what I do on this earth it will not keep me from facing the storms of life that will surely come my way. Nothing in this world is certain except for the uncertainty of what is coming next. Only God knows what is coming next.

I’m glad that I have found an anchor for my ship called life. It is an Anchor that I can place all of my trust in, and one that I can rely upon, to keep me safe in the stormy seas of my life. That anchor is none other than Jesus Christ, the Rock of all ages. I know that anchor will always hold.

Through my life my anchor has not been in the soft sand, the easy life, or the things of this world, nor has it been attached to a false hope of security or any earthly person. My Anchor is steadfast; it is fixed firmly and securely in the Rock of Ages, the Lord Jesus Christ, who never changes. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. My life is anchored on the end and attached to something that will never move, never change and never let go. He is always there with his hand outstretched because the Anchor still holds.

I know that even as a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ I will encounter the storms of life. It is not a question of if they will come, but rather when they come. That is a given fact. I have lost jobs, faced a divorce more than once, and many of my loved ones have died to leave me hurt. One day there will be no more stormy seas for me to sail because the Anchor still holds.