He’s Coming Soon







“And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.” Matthew 24:6.

We read in the Bible where Jesus narrates and warns of the last days of this age and how it would be filled with wars and rumors of wars and that is happening on a greater scale in this world today as never before. No one can dispute Jesus’ words because it is truly coming to past right before our eyes. More and more unstable Middle East countries are gaining nuclear power and the knowledge to use it to destroy other people. There can be no doubt, not for one second, with anybody that one or more of these nations “evil leaders” will use their nuclear power to end all life as we know it.

Jesus laid out for His disciples some of the specifics and facts on how certain events would lead up to the last days. One of these events was wars and rumors of war. Years ago wars and the very rumors of wars was something that people would hear or read about but think nothing about it because they thought the wars were a world away. Most people, in today’s world, think of these rumors of war itself as nothing really to be disturbed about and that is because they are blind and cannot see. Many years ago it was just about impossible to hear or read of the current conditions on a worldwide scale as we do today. But in today’s world we hear about it as fast as a person can blink their eye, on a daily base and at once, not a week after it happens.

For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. All these are the beginning of sorrows. (Matthew 24:7- 8). Jesus tells His disciples that there are other signs to watch for that would occur before His return to earth. All of us has witnessed and seen the very signs Jesus spoke of for quite a long time now but we can all see that they are increasing and enlarging in the frequency and intensity of each new event. Some Christians say that we are long overdue for God’s Word’s to be fulfilled. I agree.

Every day brings about more fears as to which of this worlds evil leaders will push that well-known button, and launch their nukes for a first strike. How much longer before the end? When will that long awaited day be? Christian friends, be on notice, the end is in sight. To be sure, everything is winding down for that day of deliverance. Even though we see signs that indicate nukes will be launched in the near future there are many other events Jesus spoke about in Matthew 24 of which people would become acutely aware of during the last few years on planet earth. Watch!

Here’s some news for the people who say things will get better in the Middle East. Better times aren’t going to happen anywhere in the world including the Middle East until Jesus returns. That is a fact. This world is only going to experience further tendencies towards corruption and depravity. This world is in a process and is steadfast moving from order to disorder, in other word chaos. Since the introduction of sin into the world and the subsequent curse and the fall of man, the enemy of mankind (Satan) has been hard at work guaranteeing that evil and the sins of man runs its full course. This world is becoming more evil, depraved and lawless with every passing day. What was once good is now bad and what was once bad is now good. Yes we are living in a upside down evil world were sin is running ramped more everyday.

All the warnings which Jesus gave to His disciples in Matthew chapter 24 are coming about very quickly now. The nations of this world for the most part (and that includes America) are run by men who are deceitful and have evil hearts. The plain fact is they are lost and undone withour God or His Son. They are the product of Satan and his demons.

Men have been going to war to conquer their fellow man for thousands of years. We can read this in the Bible. But in these end times we’re facing, many nations that are being run by men with very evil hearts, warped minds, men who have no sense of right or wrong, and who are controlled by demons. These evil men have the idea they can rule over the whole world, but in the end they will destroy the earth. Wickedness and evil abound in this sin tossed world that we live in and, of a truth there’s no hiding wickedness or an evil heart which is determined on destroying others.

We can clearly see that from nations such as North Korea, Syria, Iran and that is only three of the never ending list. The three that control and dominate the headlines these days are Syria, Korea and Iran because they are run by men that are controlled by Satan. North Korea wants to destroy the United States and Iran wants to destroy Israel and the US. Syria hates Israel. Two of them have or soon will have the nuclear means to do it. And both nations are run by men who are psychotic (nut cases) and demon processed. Will one of these psychotic and evil men go to the extreme limit and launch a nuclear strike that will set this world on fire? The Christian people of this world already know that it is just a matter of time. Even so come Lord Jesus!

Here in the US the man who claims the title of commander in chief (not capitalized because it’s his claim not the claim for a lot of Americans) is currently scaling back on our military to make our enemies happy. Who can understand his way of thinking or his tactics? We have had years of mostly peaceful existence with all those who would like to see us either destroyed or conquered because of our strength. But now, according to our leader in the name of peace, we will drop our guard for that of a greater united world in other words a one world government. All the while North Korea and Iran are arming themselves as your commander in chief (not mine) disarms our military and even wants to disarm the private citizens.

Our other enemies, such as Russia and China, are also arming themselves to the max. So we drop our weapons, raise our hands high in the air, and give up in the name of peace? And that will stop our enemies from destroying us or invading our shores and placing us under their control? That scenario is so ridiculous and absurd, but watchout! You can bet our enemies are laughing not only at that idea, but also at our commander in chief. What Mr. Obama apparently does not know is that there will be no peace in this world until the prince of peace comes. This episode of sin, deceit, and corruption in Americas history could be just be the thing that destroys America. But that really isn’t what this article is all about.

The fact is, and the Word of God proves it, there will be wars. There will be evil men taking advantage of good people whenever and wherever possible. Everything that is now coming to pass in this world was prophesied in the Bible thousands of years ago. Read the BOOK! All this evil that we see in the world today is one hundred percent Biblical and it is God’s Word. If our present leader has his way and is successful in his attempts at “change”, as he calls it, then America will most likely cease to be an influence in world and spreading the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. If we continue to allow Obama to have his way it will happen. The Gospel could soon become very infrequent and erratic. There will be a famine, not only in this country but the whole world, for the Word of God.

Just seeing this with our very own eyes and knowing in our hearts that everything God said would happen in the last days is coming true makes the Christian more of a believer in his God. Major prophecies that are found in the Bible are coming true. No need to sit around worrying about who is running America or about some evil dictator, who is set on helping Armageddon to get here. Let everyone of us that are called by God’s Name stand firm and faithful in our faith while we continue to put out the Gospel of Christ to a lost and dying world, for as long as we can, as we await and look for Jesus’ soon return for His Church. Soon and very soon we will see the King.