IT’S JESUS: All Other Is Sinking Sand

Do you want to know what is wrong with America? The answer is simple. A blind man can see it easily! America has turned their collective backs on God. America has become a depraved nation and for the most part with depraved leaders. The people have become immoral, unjust, corrupt, evil, wicked, and degenerate in all their thinking and their actions. From my youth up there was one thing that I was always taught in the home, in the school, in church, and in the public in general America was a Christian nation. How far this nation has come down through the years of my life is almost unbelievable to me. It’s almost like anything goes.

The American people have become immoral and wrong in their thinking. What was a nation of “In God We Trust” is now a nation of “In the government we trust.” Some even go so far as to call our president the messiah. I’m talking about a government and a president who makes the killing of unborn babies legal and the government that gives homosexuals special rights, when in fact both are sins in God’s eyes. America has become a nation of calling bad good and good bad. When a nation has laws to protect the killing of whales and another law that allows the murder of millions of unborn babies something is wrong. The people are depraved in their thinking. Instead of depending on the one who created heaven and earth depend on the government for their daily needs.

When Christian churches in America which were once full of the spirit of God, allow the Muslims who worship Allah to worship beside them in church and have the Muslim Karan beside the Holy Bible in the pew racks this nation and her people are in trouble. Some churches are taking the cross down from their steeple and calling their church a campus instead of church. Why? Something is wrong when church leaders allow a rock group with all their seductive and suggestive songs to perform at God’s house thinking that is the way to get the youth in church when it used to be the preaching of the anointed word of God that did the work. We need to lift Jesus higher and the Holy Spirit will do the drawing. It is the preaching of the cross that is the answer. We have a man in the White House that makes fun of the Bible while quoting from the Koran and stops the national day of prayer but allows Muslims to pray on the White house lawn. He also made the statement that America is no longer a Christian nation. We have homosexuals in congress and some who see an unborn child as “just a blob of nothing”. What happen to the Godly leaders in this country? They say that they believe in God, but let me say this; the devil, according to the scriptures, also believes in God.

America as a nation is becoming so politically correct instead of becoming more biblical correct that our nation is being destroyed, lost without God or His Son. No longer do people say Merry Christmas but opt for saying happy holidays so certain people will not be offended and Christmas is no longer for the most part celebrated as Christ’s birthday but just a happy holiday.

When I was in school before the day even started the class had prayer and Bible reading. We each took turns reading scriptures when it was our day to it. There was always a Bible on the teacher’s desk. So what has happened? We no longer have the Lamb of God or those other Godly things in our schools so what were they replaced by? They were replaced by sex education, condoms, birth control pills, and a doctrine that tells our children it is normal and okay for Adam to marry Steve. It is just a different lifestyle. In schools years ago the greatest bad thing was chewing gum in class or smoking in the bathrooms. Now there is violence with no end in our schools with police patrolling the halls to guarantee security for the children. People ask when violence happens in our school where God is. The answer to that is “The Lamb” is not allowed in school anymore. You will have chaos, darkness, evil, and sin without the Lamb of God.

What is the bottom line to all this? It is the family unit. How we raise our kids, what we teach them in the home. We do not need a village to raise our kids as some in the government say; we just need Godly mothers and fathers. If our children at an early age are not taught about Jesus Christ then they will know not him when they get older and that’s what is happening to our country right now. The American people are reaping what they have sown. We have people that are in our government who know not God because they were never taught about Him. We need fathers (a male) and mothers (a female) to start bringing up their children in the way they should go and when they get older and on their own they will use the wisdom that they received in the home when they were raised, The wisdom to govern this nation and to be right in God’s eyes. There was a reason why God said in his Word to; “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old he will not depart from it.” (Proverbs 22:6) and there is also a reason why God told the Israelites always repeat and tell the meaning of the judgments, testimonies, and statues to their children in (Exodus 6:20-25)

Just like the Hebrews told their children what great things God has done for them, Americans need to tell their children what great things the Lord has done for America over the past two hundred years. To bring all this about we need a move of God, a revival that starts with you and me, we need a revival in our churches and all across this great land. We might not have to sit in sackcloth and ashes, but it might be a good idea to bow on bended knees and plead with our God, with true tears of repentance, to save our nation and to forgive us of our many sins. Even come Lord Jesus!