Slower Steps: Soaring Faith

 I watched steps that were strong and steady

And hands always firm and for work ready

Begin to tremble and falter as old age caused them to grow weak

And to do ordinary everyday things: help he had to seek.

But as dad’s hands and feet slowed before my eyes,

I saw his inner man begin to rise.

His faith began to soar on eagle wing

He constantly praised God for everything

Upon his face a peace so serene

I was seeing my dad like before I had never seen

I saw close up a man of God now walking his last mile

Such site, through my tears, brought a smile

He told me one day, I’m waiting for “a call”

You see, to the very end, Jesus was Dad’s all in all

Looking back a Bible verse comes to mind

In what a great comfort I find

“Though the outward man perish,

Yet the inward man is renewed day by day”

This was true for my dad until the day:

He, like on eagle wings flew away.

{Scripture Reference: 11 Corinthians 4:16}


Phil Patchett