America – The Falling Away

In my seventy years of life, churchgoing, in America, has declined and also has started to deteriorate in America; the family no longer goes to church as a family unit. There was a saying; the family that prays together stays together and I submit also the family that goes to church together stays together. I have noticed over my lifetime that families went from going to church together to the parents just sending their children to church, to not sending them at all. It is a shame and a disgrace when a child, is asked, does not know who Jesus is. I’m glad that I was raise in church by a mother and father who went with me. I’m proud that at a early age I was shown the way. That “Way” went from my parents to me, to my children, and now their children. Sad to say this “Way” is on the decline in America. With this decline comes the decay of our great country. It is so sad. My heart aches.

How Godly was our country? A lot of our country’s laws that were based on faith no longer apply. As we look back on them today most people and even some Christians laugh at these laws and there is nothing that is Holy unto the Lord anymore. Many faith-based laws have ended. For example, it’s no longer a crime for stores to open on the Sabbath. It’s no longer illegal to buy a lottery ticket or a cocktail or a magazine showing nudity. Mandatory prayer was removed from public schools. The little lamb could not come to school anymore. Police, shootings, drugs, and many other things have replaced the lamb.

Desperate women and girls were allowed to end unwanted pregnancies because the law against abortion is no more. Murdering babies in the mother’s womb are the norm for today. Gays were allowed to elude prison, and finally allowed to marry, even parade down the street defying God. The White House was lit up in rainbow colors honoring homosexuals; Birth control was legalized for all couples. It’s no longer a crime for unwed couples to live together. It’s no longer a crime for movies and books to present sex in the rawest form. Teaching of evolution is allowed in public school biology classes. And now we have the Muslim religion trying to dominate our country. Churches now send the helpless, the ones in need of spiritual help to psychologist to solve their problems instead of the pastor doing his part. Nothing manmade such as psychology will ever solve spiritual problems. It is only what Christ did at the cross that will solve man’s problems. No wonder so many young people are leaving churches.

A new report, just out, says that Americans who say their religion is “none” have become the largest segment in the United States. They now constitute 25 percent of adults, compared to 21 percent who are Catholic and 16 percent who are evangelical. The secular tide is sure to rise, because 39 percent of adults under 30 have no church affiliation. (This is because they were never carried to church or taught at home about the Lord Jesus Christ.)

The falling away of our Christian faith has been “swift and dramatic”, in recent decades.  Protestants, Catholics and finally evangelicals are falling away. Southern Baptists lost 200,000 members in 2014, then another 200,000 in 2015.

I leave the reader with what I am going to do and I hope that you will do; AS FOR ME AND MY HOUSE WE WILL SERVE THE LORD.