Gay Marriage

I happen to be reading parts of a old Newsweek Magazine, yesterday, and after reading Lisa Miller’s article on Mutual Joy, { I have posted the web site below } I was shocked at her for writing such a article and even more shocked that the Newsweek would allow it to be published. I have only one question to ask, “What turnip truck did she fall off of?” She is using parts Of the Bible to make a case for Homosexuals and to try to prove her point which is, “same sex marriages are okay.” Ms Miller used Scriptures out of the Bible to try to prove her point. The scriptures that she uses do not even deal with the issue she is talking about and trying to justify. The Bible in the Old Testament, in several places, clearly says that Homosexuality and Lesbianism is sin. She must have not read the Story of Sodom. Why did God destroy this city? It was the end result of the people of Sodom’s reprobate minds. This is how bad that God hates the sins of Homosexuals and Lesbians. Notice that I said He hates the sin, not the person! Read what the Book Of Romans Chapter one has to say about this topic. My thoughts are this, ” Any nation, including the United States, that justifies homosexuality and Lesbianism, as a excepted life style, is a country in its final stages of moral corruption.” I’m sorry Ms Miller, but you are trying to justify this sin and at the same time trying to discredit The Bible and Christians who live by, believe in, and honor God’s Word. Remember this, any true Christian does not hate the homosexual or lesbian, it is that terrible sin that the Christian hates. The Christian does not have a agenda as Ms Miller is trying to stress in her article, but only God’s Holy Word in their hearts that homosexuality is a sin and is wrong. I do not want to discredit Ms Miller’s professional talent, but when she is writing an article in a area such as this she needs to do some major research or get into a good Bible believing Church, because she is just not getting it or else she just wants to make some liberal brownie points. Ms Miller, God made the world for Adam and Eve to reproduce after their own kind, for that is what He commanded in His word, not for the sin, wickedness, and pleasure (Mutual Joy) of Adam and Steve. With all due respect, with all your education you cannot see this?


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